IT that gives you security

What you want from an IT consultancy is careful IT planning and an individual IT concept. That's why we think with you and plan ahead for you.
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Your IT landscape or server infrastructure has grown (wildly) over the years and the only thing you can rely on is your nervous gut feeling?

Get planning security

A structured and documented IT infrastructure gives you the transparency you need and a solid basis for making decisions.

Escape the
Vendor Lock-in

Vendor-independent consulting guarantees you an IT strategy that really fits your employees and business processes.

Profit from performance

Consulting that thinks of everything: cost efficiency, maintainability, sustainability, sourcing strategy, and more - Makes your IT reliable and lets you sleep well at night.
Consalco. - Gründe für Consalco.

One thing is clear: you need IT.

But which IT strategy suits you or which hardware delivers the optimal solution?

How it works

A really good IT consultancy is like a GPS navigation system that shows you the most efficient way to reach your goals, saving you time and money.

Thorough analysis

We get a detailed picture of your IT infrastructure and conditions on site.

Objective evaluation

Detailed analysis reports and evaluations give you the transparency you need and a comprehensive overview of your IT.

Foresighted advice

Together we develop an IT strategy that fits your current and future needs and plan the implementation.

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Partnerships & Awards

We are certified by leading manufacturers and are repeatedly awarded as a preferred partner.


We are IT system house, hardware specialist, advise small and medium enterprises from Munich to Frankfurt for custom-fit IT solutions.