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For SMEs, procuring and configuring an IT solution is a time-consuming, complex process. Unless you use our IT Logistics & IT Supply.
Consalco - Logistics & Supply

The new IT infrastructure has been ordered. Who makes sure that the delivery arrives as ordered in the right place at the right time?

When you order hardware directly from the manufacturer or from different suppliers, your invest a lot of time in workflows and tracking. Eventually, a pallet arrives in the yard. We enable you get more personal terms of delivery, ensuring your hardware is delivered to the agreed place at the agreed time.

Your IT solution: configured as desired, on time and exactly where it should be.

Everything goes according to plan because we take care of procurement and configuration and organise delivery. We also sort out aspects to do with licences and guarantees, draw up support agreements according to your requirements and prepare the documentation. We keep you updated over the entire process so that you can plan reliably.

And there’s something we nearly forgot to mention: We offer you our complete Logistics & Supply package in our flexible consumer models Buy, Rent, Lease and As a Service.

Here’s why our Logistics & Supply is worthwhile for your company:

  • more time for core business tasks
  • ensures better planning capability for the teams involved
  • no extra cost for a place and time of delivery of your choice
  • all types of delivery possible: with special pallets or accompanying staff
  • easy allocation of goods, thanks to individual labelling
  • professional waste disposal and packaging recycling

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Consalco. - Logistics & Supply


We are an IT systems company and hardware specialist that provides Logistics & Supply and realises customised IT solutions for SMEs from Munich to Frankfurt.