Managed IT Services

We help small and medium sized enterprises to achieve greater efficiency and security with tailored IT services such as IT Monitoring, VMware Management or a Service Desk.

Who makes sure my IT infrastructure actually does what manufacturers promise?

Many manufacturers, and many more products – operating corporate IT is becoming increasingly complex. So it’s understandable that the capacities of IT departments reach their limits in the light of increasingly stringent requirements. We ensure that your IT operations are worry-free, providing services that integrate seamlessly into your existing processes. Provided by our manufacturer-certified technicians – 24/7 upon request.

Your use your IT – we keep it efficient, high-performing and secure.

We look after things like patching security vulnerabilities, troubleshooting, adapting VMware, monitoring and life-cycle management. That takes the pressure off your IT department, you do not require any additional specialists and your IT team gains time for other upcoming projects.

This is what makes our managed services pay off for your company:

  • more time for your business
  • planning security through cost control
  • reliable support
  • assuring your data compliance
  • top-level IT security
  • high availability of your IT infrastructure
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We are an IT systems company and hardware specialist that provides Managed Services and realises customised IT solutions for SMEs from Munich to Frankfurt.