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What companies particularly appreciate about us, what we value as an IT systems house and why consalco. is CULT.

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We are hardware specialists, simply do IT and supply SMEs from Munich to Frankfurt with IT infrastructures beyond standardised run-of-the-mill concepts. What makes us stand out, say our customers, is the calm and collected, personal way we work for and with them. One possible reason for this may be CULT.
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Consalco. - Wir sind KULT

Customer orientation tops the list.

First of all, we are oriented to our customers’ business requirements and wishes. Next, we earn the trust companies place in us from the start. That usually happens very early on because we listen very carefully, communicate openly and use our expertise to the best possible effect. That’s how we develop reliable cooperation on equal terms from the outset. Based on mutual appreciation and aimed at a long-term partnership, this makes more possible from day one.

Unbiased to bring out the best.

Whatever the situation, we can decide freely which hardware from which manufacturer best suits your IT’s business requirements and framework conditions. That means we are not bound rigidly to developing any particular solution but put together the components of your IT infrastructure to meet your actual needs. That means our offer is maximally flexible, always enabling us to realise the best solution for your user scenario, no matter which manufacturer or technology is used.

Lasting performance – the extra mile.

We are convinced that the extra mile highlights what a team is able to achieve. In our experience, that extra mile is never the path of least resistance, but always the path that leads to your optimal solution. That requires willpower and a joint effort. That’s why our technicians bring everyone involved (also from other companies) around a table, come straight to the point and design workflows that interlock, rather than grinding to a halt when problems arise. After the extra mile, you’re home and dry. You’re happy and we're pleased.

Team spirit is what counts in the end.

As a team, we do a lot for your success. We look after each other, learn from each other, help each other out and exchange ideas on tricky challenges. That’s all done in fixed groups, sometimes spontaneously and more than occasionally in our cosy kitchen. This mutual understanding and trust help tremendously, especially when it comes to the extra mile. In the end, this cooperation adds so much value. It’s more than the sum of its parts – you’ll notice that a positive atmosphere and job satisfaction are part of the package.

Our values are CULT.

C is for...

Customer orientation tops the list.

U is for...

Unbiased to bring out the best.

L is for...

Lasting performance – the extra mile.

T is for...

Team spirit is what counts in the end.

Team consalco.

Excellent teamwork makes your IT work – that’s part of the job.


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Chief InformationSecurity Officer

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Human Resources Assistant

consalco. in seven chapters

What you need to know about us.

Our story, your happy ending

We started small and have grown to become a partner for industrial companies. Today, we are smaller in number than you think, younger than you imagine, more experienced than you expect and more flexible than you believe possible.

We simply optimise your IT

Optimised IT infrastructure is what our clients want and the service we promise. And that is what we deliver, regardless of the specific products, and no matter what technology is used. The invaluable extras thrown in for free make consalco. service packages even more attractive. Like our flexibility, financing options or the pragmatic “Let’s go“ mindset of everyone at consalco..

Well-coordinated specialist team

Our consalco. team is quick, flexible and efficient because many qualified experts work hand in hand for you. We take decisions quickly, our commitments are binding, and our rare refusals are honest. Moreover, we are not too complacent to point out that standard processes and services usual in the market rarely cover a complete IT infrastructure. More on that in the next chapter.

We always need a loop

We are not too big and we are a well-coordinated team, which makes us pretty nimble. For you, that means we come straight to the point to realise solutions within a very short space of time. The only extra loop we need for your customised IT solution is to tie it up and make it look pretty.

IIT systems house, hardware specialist and service partner

SMEs from Munich to Frankfurt commission us when they need tailored IT solutions, quick implementation, excellent product and service quality and 100%-reliable delivery dates.

Not too big, definitely not too small

That’s why we can take it all personally. And we take everything in our stride, from monitoring a computer centre with 10,000 servers 24/7 to managing private clouds for small businesses. Our customers find us to be straightforward, determined, focused on problem-solving and unconventional if need be.

We close the run-of-the-mill reality gap

We know our business and we know the usual industry standards. That’s why we fulfil higher expectations. For example, by finding IT solutions that reflect your company’s individual requirements and conditions when standardised run-of-the-mill concepts would not be appropriate. We call this “closing the reality gap”.

Partners and awards

We have always worked very closely with leading manufacturers, receiving repeated preferred customer awards. How does your company benefit? We always recommend the appropriate components from the huge range available on the market. Moreover, you always benefit from the best hardware and can always rely on our manufacturer-certified technicians.

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