We simply do IT and make so many things so much easier. Interested in joining us to simply do things?

Welcome to Erding and best of all, welcome to the team.

We are consalco., the IT systems house based at the high-tech location of Munich, with headquarters in the lovely town of Erding. SMEs value our experience as a hardware specialist, expert service provider and reliable service partner.

consalco. simply does IT, performs outstanding work and offers great jobs.

That’s why we have interesting projects, challenging assignments and quite a lot to do.

The latest top 12 reasons* why our staff are happy to be here, can simply do IT and love their work.

We at consalco. have

  • excellent coffee and home-baked goodies every now and then (trending now: chocolate muffins from the book-keeping department)
  • open doors and hierarchies so flat that you don’t trip over them
  • legendary parties
  • colleagues with and without tattoos
  • no idea what boredom feels like
  • Weißwurst sausage events (the name of our regular meetings - also absolutely fine for vegetarians and non-Bavarians)
  • SMEs that love coming back to us
  • customers with whom we’re on first-name terms and who are happy to see us (even when there’s nothing for us to do)
  • a Mädels-Stammtisch (regulars’ table for the women in our team)
  • fun doing our work
  • plenty of scope for thinking outside the box
  • the IT sector’s best-dressed boss

* besides the very decent salary.

What we need you for

Your contact for everything to do with working with us

Ingrid Meiler de Inga looks after human relations topics, takes care of onboarding and makes sure new colleagues have a stress-free start and can get going right away.

Your application gets to her in three quick steps:
look at the job details, type in information about yourself, upload documents. That’s how you can help Ingrid to get back to you asap.

Ingrid Meiler de Inga

Human Resources Manager

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