Managed Services

As well as our Consultancy Services, and implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure, consalco. clients also value our Managed Services, which enable industry and SMEs to work more efficiently and economically.

consalco.’s Managed Services portfolio is as wide-ranging, comprehensive and flexible as the individual demands made on your IT. As an experienced Managed Services provider, we take care of matters such as applications, network performance, memory, security and monitoring your IT infrastructures.

Whether we manage individual elements or your entire IT system - our variable service options ultimately dovetail optimally to achieve one single objective: ensuring the reliability and flexibility of your IT infrastructure.

Here’s why consalco.’s Managed Services are worthwhile for your company:

  • fewer economic and technical risks
  • additional resources for your core business
  • transparent and easily calculable costs
  • guaranteed quality and availability of services
  • cutting-edge technology and high-performance services
  • flexible and expandable IT services, without any investment of your own

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