consalco. delivers server architectures that enable you to run your business (cost-) effectively and design it flexibly. Architectures, manufacturers, construction forms and configurations: our qualified and manufacturer-certified staff design the appropriate future-proof computing solution for every market requirement and task and ensure its fast implementation.
Moreover, as a consalco. client, you always profit from the best cost-benefit ratio.

  • MMarket-leading technologies such as composable infrastructures
  • Hardware-software convergence, without silo architectures
  • Modular servers (compute – storage – hypervisor – management)
  • Available on-site, from the consalco. computer centre or the consalco. cloud
  • More efficient, simpler management
  • High level of flexibility
  • Easier restructuring of infrastructure
  • High level of automation

HPE, DELL, HPE Greenlake, Huawai, Zadara

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