Data Centre System Management

consalco. consulting analyses the management of your Data Centre. Automatization enables much to be achieved more effectively and efficiently. How does that benefit your company? For example, through significant savings on administration costs.

Offer potential for optimized Data Centre Management and cost efficiency:

1. Monitoring Services

We monitor every component, identify and analyse errors, take charge of Incident Management until everything is sorted out – and do all that extremely quickly.

2. Break and Fix

We discover what is not working, get everything going or make replacements. Certified technicians and spare part management are included.

3. Firmware Management

Our Release Management covers everything: security, drivers, components and the smooth cooperation of everyone involved.

4. CMDB Coordination

We make an inventory of all the components, dependencies and responsibilities and keep everything up to date.

5. Decommissioning Services

Can that really go? Relocating, deinstalling, selling and disposing of your old IT infrastructure.

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