Consulting has top priority for consalco.
Even in its name.

consalco.’s consulting service shows how your company can benefit from standardising and automatizing IT processes and IT infrastructures. Our experience of company computer centres with more than 10,000 servers applies equally well to small and medium-sized companies: IT infrastructure generates the greatest benefit if it works effectively and efficiently.

IT Standardization

How long does the end-to-end process from the requirement notification to the operational server drag on at your company? When volumes are large, delays quickly add up to long, sometimes uncompetitive waiting times. We change that by speeding up your IT procurement, in some cases halving the time required.

You can see the long-term benefit of our consulting by taking a quick look at consalco.’s IT Standardization.

Cloud Transformation Consulting

Transformation describes the route from a conventional IT infrastructure to a cloud structure. The best way for that to happen is during ongoing operations, step by step, while your staff discover how everything works. Sounds complex? It is complex. But that is what we are here for: the safe route to cloud computing is simply consalco.

Successful transformation is based on answers, and our consultancy asks the key questions.

Data Centre Management

We start by looking at your corporate IT and asking exactly where the systems in your Data Centre could be managed more effectively and efficiently by means of automatization. At the end of our consultation, you will ask yourself why you did not save up to 60 % of administrative costs much earlier on?

Our Monitoring Service offers potential cost reductions, as do these other areas of your Data Centre Management.

IT Business Process Management

The smoother your IT processes, the more efficient your IT operations. Our proven process expertise helps you to coordinate all the workflows and interfaces of your IT infrastructure processes with one another, thereby managing them better. After our consultation, your IT infrastructure performs better.

For optimum IT processes, we analyse E2E times, costs, quality and resources.

Consulting by consalco. simply does your IT.

We would like to discover more about you so that you can discover what our consultancy can do for you.