What you should know about us:
selected chapters from the consalco. story.

We aren’t history, but we do have a story to tell.

consalco. started small, expanded as a partner of industrial companies and continues to grow. Today, there are fewer of us than you think, we are younger than you imagine, more experienced than you expect and more flexible than you believe possible. Which chapter of this success story can we write with you?

IT Systems company, all-round IT service provider and service partner.

Industrial and medium-sized enterprises commission us when individual solutions, speedy implementation, excellent product and service quality and absolute reliability in meeting deadlines are vital.

Not too large and definitely not too small.

At consalco., we take everything personally. And we take things as they come - solutions for a corporate computer centre with 10,000 servers or a managed private cloud for a medium-sized enterprise. You will find us to be straightforward, goal-orientated, focussed on problem-solving, unconventional if the situation requires and always a partner on equal terms.

What we do better than well.

We have been in business for a long time and know the industry’s usual standards. That is why we fulfil higher expectations. We succeed in doing so with our committed and qualified staff. With them, we are extremely flexible and bend over backwards for you without getting into a twist. We take decisions quickly and directly, our commitments are binding, and our rare refusals are for honest reasons.

Optimize your IT? We simply do IT.

An optimized IT infrastructure is what our clients need and what we promise to deliver – regardless of the specific products and no matter which technology is used. The priceless extras that come free of charge make every consalco. service package even more profitable for you: our flexibility, for example, financing opportunities, our pragmatic can-do mentality and the commitment of consalco.’s staff.

We always need a bow.

We are not too large and therefore unusually flexible. That enables us to react quickly and individually to our clients‘ needs and to find suitable solutions within the shortest possible time. The only additional loop that we always need for your individual IT solution is the one on the decorative bow around your package.

A well-established team of specialists

Our consalco. team is quick and efficient because many qualified specialists work hand in hand and exert every effort for you: technicians, sales representatives, business administrators, logistics specialists, technical sales assistants, quality managers, an information security officer, an authorised representative and two managing directors. We closed the position of returns manager – there was simply nothing to do.

consalco. values are KULT

At consalco. KULT stands for customer orientation (Kundenorientierung), independence (Unabhängigkeit), motivation (Leistungswille) and team spirit (Teamgeist). Coming soon to this website: why we feel particularly committed to these values and how KULT benefits our clients.