Curious about what we can achieve?
We appreciate your interest.

That’s why we’d like to show you some real-life examples of projects we’ve completed for our customers - what ran like clockwork and which services matter(ed) most.

Travel & Transport / computer centre migration

Our Lift & Shift expertise smoothly migrates computer centres from A to B on demand.

A global travel and transport company entrusted us with the task of migrating its computer centre from Munich to Frankfurt to set up a disaster recovery site. We ensure the smooth, on-demand performance of just-in-time migrations such as this one. To make sure everything arrived seamlessly and was up and running as desired by the given deadlines, we were entrusted with handling the entire project, including implementation. Meticulous planning, precise documentation of installations and quality checks ensured a successful migration.

consalco. services important to this client that might help your company too: Lift & Shift, computer centre relocation, project management, migration, infrastructure management, installation and configuration, quality assurance

Air Mobility / pay per use

Our flexible Storage as a Service solution
helps start-ups take off and control their costs.

We set up a storage system as a platform for an innovative air taxi start-up. Flexible data capacity availability and customized pricing pay off, particularly for young enterprises and also for established industrial clients.
Our storage solutions can be simply set up or taken down, set to zero or easily multiplied – tuned to the data capacities required. The second major benefit of the pay-per-use solution: You only use - and pay for - what your business needs at any given time.
By the way, we’ll migrate your data to the flexible storage solution at the same time. Ready for take-off?

consalco. services important to this client that might help your company too: Pay-per-use model, virtual storage area, flexible, cost-efficient IT architecture, cost control, big data, capacity management, proactive monitoring

Automotive / Polar circle

Our cool technicians supply complex HPC clusters just in time -
even at minus 20 degrees.

We don’t just supply ordinary servers, but also complex HPC clusters. HPC clusters are used wherever large-scale simulations need high-performance computing power. For example, in aircraft development, for crash tests and wind tunnels in the automotive industry or at NASA (which uses HPC clusters to decode signals from space).

So setting up HPC clusters is more than simply connecting cables. Just-in-time performance on the Arctic Circle is no ordinary feat. As general contractor for a Bavarian automotive manufacturer, we supervised the entire HPC cluster life cycle. We took care of everything, travelling way up north to set up the HPC clusters and take them down afterwards. Our enjoyable contribution to sheer driving pleasure.

consalco. services important to this client that might help your company too: Just-in-time delivery anywhere in Europe, migration, installation & configuration, project management

Automotive / Car IT

A global automotive manufacturer’s software development relies on our Infrastructure as a Service solution.

The CAR IT of this automotive manufacturer develops and tests control process software. We supply the complete solution for the required IT infrastructure. Put it this way: all the software developed there by the company runs on hardware from consalco. We provide the required (on-demand) computing capacity, deliver ITIL-compliant set-up and management and handle compute, storage and network.

consalco. services important to this client that might help your company too: Compute as a Service (CaaS), Storage as a Service (SaaS), Network as a Service (NaaS), Backup Service, ITIL-compliant Service Desk, monitoring, on demand

Travel & Transport

Our individually built x86 servers take off just in time for a Travel & Transport industry leader - and have been doing so for 15 years.

Servers are needed to ensure that businesses operate efficiently. Sometimes 16, occasionally 160 and yes, this global player needs an incredible 16,000 computers.
We manage this amazing computer centre and have the job of the configuration and just-in-time delivery of the sixteen thousand x86 servers. Built according to the client’s individual specifications and installed ready for operation.

By the way: consalco. provides ITIL-compliant operative services in the compute sector. We also monitor the computer centre with an on-site service desk 24/7/365, thereby ensuring that nothing stands still and everything keeps moving.

consalco. services important to this client that might help your company too: Vendor tools management, event management service, spare parts procurement and management, problem management service, patch management, firmware release management and supply, ITIL