consalco.: we simply do IT.

We simply do IT – and succeed because we have what it takes: the confidence of leading hardware and software manufacturers, the loyalty of experienced distributors and the hands-on experience of our well-established team.

Our marketing consultant recommended that we make a list of the advantages consalco. clients particularly value. Here goes:

  • consistent reliability
  • individual and fast IT solutions
  • optimized IT infrastructure
  • excellent product and service quality
  • customized financing models

Apparently, you as a reader are also interested in how consalco.’s clients feel. We asked them, and here are some of the answers they gave us:

  • „“At consalco. we are the No. 1“
  • “Our IT is in the best hands.“
  • “They help us move forward every time.“
  • “We particularly enjoy working with them.“
  • “They are not too big, amazingly flexible and good for our nerves.“


We have been certified by leading manufacturers and are awarded preferred partner status again and again. An optimized IT infrastructure is our clients’ requirement and our performance promise – regardless of specific products and the technology used.

By the way, our priceless extras are given to you free of charge, making every consalco. performance package even more profitable for you: our flexibility, for example, financing opportunities and our pragmatic can-do mentality!

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